Versatile surface electrodes for combined electrophysiology and two-photon imaging of the mouse central nervous system

  • Understanding and modulating CNS function in physiological as well as pathophysiological contexts remains a significant ambition in research and clinical applications. The investigation of the multifaceted CNS cell types including their interactions and contributions to neural function requires a combination of the state-of-the-art in vivo electrophysiology and imaging techniques. We developed a novel type of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) surface micro-electrode manufactured in three customized designs with up to 16 channels for recording and stimulation of brain activity. All designs include spare central spaces for simultaneous 2P-imaging. Nanoporous platinum-plated contact sites ensure a low impedance and high current transfer. The epidural implantation of the LCP micro-electrodes could be combined with standard cranial window surgery. The epidurally positioned electrodes did not only display long-term biocompatibility, but we also observed an additional stabilization of the underlying CNS tissue. We demonstrate the electrode’s versatility in combination with in vivo 2P-imaging by monitoring anesthesia-awake cycles of transgenic mice with GCaMP3 expression in neurons or astrocytes. Cortical stimulation and simultaneous 2P Ca2+ imaging in neurons or astrocytes highlighted the astrocytes’ integrative character in neuronal activity processing. Furthermore, we confirmed that spontaneous astroglial Ca2+ signals are dampened under anesthesia, while evoked signals in neurons and astrocytes showed stronger dependency on stimulation intensity rather than on various levels of anesthesia. Finally, we show that the electrodes provide recordings of the electrocorticogram (ECoG) with a high signal-to noise ratio and spatial signal differences which help to decipher brain activity states during experimental procedures. Summarizing, the novel LCP surface micro-electrode is a versatile, convenient, and reliable tool to investigate brain function in vivo.

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Author:Michael Schweigmann, Laura C. Caudal, Gebhard Stopper, Anja Scheller, Klaus P. Koch, Frank Kirchhoff
Parent Title (English):Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
Publisher:Frontiers Media
Document Type:Article (specialist journals)
Date of OPUS upload:2022/09/14
Date of first Publication:2021/08/10
Publishing University:Hochschule Trier
Release Date:2022/09/14
Tag:astrocytes; cortical stimulation; electrocorticogram; in vivo two-photon laser-scanning microscopy; liquid crystal polymer electrodes; neuron-glia interaction
GND Keyword:Flüssigkristalline Polymere; Elektrode; Elektrokortikogramm; Laser-Rastermikroskopie; Astrozyt
Article Number:720675
Page Number:17
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